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Medical Coding

Accurate Medical Coding Improves Medical Billing

Medical coding and billing are critical components of the revenue cycle. Accurate medical coding optimizes revenue. Medical coding errors cause reimbursement delays. Downcoding diagnoses, services and procedures prevents providers from receiving proper payment from insurers.

Medical Coding

CodeEMR Medical Coding Solutions

CodeEMR medical coders are trained to analyze and translate medical charts and assign the right ICD and CPT codes that correspond to each type of visit, diagnosis and treatment. Our advanced, up-to-date medical coding software generates highly specific codes that lead to extraordinarily low insurance denial rates.

Ensure Accuracy

•  98.7 % Coding Accuracy ─ Our teams are meticulous in assigning the correct medical codes to avoid compliance issues and secure accurate reimbursement
•  5% Denial Rate ─ Commitment to quality, the first time around

Correct Issues that Reduce Revenue

  • Clear 100% of Backlogs – We regularly review, monitor, and measure workflow and accuracy
  • 98% Compliance – Our consistently high industry rate is tracked by regular internal audits
  • 24-Hour Turnaround – We complete coding within 24 hours after provider sign-off

HCC Coding

With payors in full gear moving into value-based coding, Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) risk adjustment models, facilities are challenged with selecting the highest level of specificity to achieve the highest level of reimbursement. Coding accuracy and specificity translates to accurate reimbursement. Let CodeEMR handle all your facilities HCC coding needs so your providers can focus on what’s most important, patient care, and the facility can capture the highest level of reimbursement per patient.

Improved Medical Billing
Dedicated, certified medical coders use advanced tools and software to enter the right codes to bill the right amount for each diagnosis and treatment.
Increased Revenue

Entering the correct medical code for a treatment makes a significant difference in reimbursements ─ from $20 to $2,000 ─ in terms of coverage and revenue.

Fewer Claim Rejections
Experience matters. CodeEMR coders work with many different electronic medical records, and are well versed on all the latest evaluation and management, ICD-10, HCPCS and CPT codes.
Multi-Disciplinary Coding

CodeEMR has experience coding based on the type of visit ─ inpatient, outpatient, urgent care, or emergency department─ and specialty, including family medicine, orthopedics, cardiology, and more.

Streamlined Process

Our medical coders utilize advanced medical coding software to accelerate coding, improve accuracy, and streamline the insurance filing process for optimized revenue cycles.

HIPAA Compliance

All medical scribes and coders receive comprehensive HIPAA training. To ensure privacy, the work area has limited internet access, and all personal electronic devices are prohibited.

CodeEMR Services and Expertise

Our dedicated AAPC-certified remote medical coders are meticulous about assigning the correct medical codes to avoid compliance issues and secure accurate reimbursement. We provide a full range of specialized services to meet your specialty’s needs.  

Facility Coding

Managing the intricacies of a healthcare facility is challenging enough without the burden of coding at the facility level. Our extensively trained, certified medical coders deliver comprehensive coding services that properly reflect the volume and intensity of resources utilized by a hospital, outpatient center, or lab to deliver patient care.

Core Competencies

  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Coding
  • Inpatient Coding
  • Outpatient Coding
  • Radiology Coding

Professional Fee Coding

Accurate, timely professional fee coding is paramount to your practice’s success. Proper coding ensures proper reimbursement. Let our certified, remote medical coders, who are trained to capture the complexity of care provided in a broad range of specialties, take care of coding so your clinical team can focus on providing the best possible patient care.

Core Competencies

  • Anesthesiology Coding
  • Cardiology Coding
  • Critical Care Coding
  • Dermatology Coding
  • Emergency Medicine Coding
  • Endocrinology Coding
  • Family Medicine Coding
  • Gastroenterology Coding
  • General Surgery Coding
  • Infectious Disease Coding
  • Internal Medicine Coding
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Coding
  • Oncology Coding
  • Orthopedic Coding
  • Pain Management Coding
  • Pathology Coding
  • Pediatric Coding
  • Podiatry Coding
  • Psychiatry Coding
  • Radiology Coding
  • Rheumatology Coding
  • Urology Coding

Costly Medical Coding Challenges:

Delayed Reimbursements

Medical coding errors lead to claim rejections, delayed reimbursements and loss of revenue.

Federal Penalties

Critical medical coding errors, such as upcoding to a higher-level diagnosis, service or procedure, can result in federal penalties, fines, and imprisonment.

Intense Scrutiny

Repeated mistakes can bring your practice under scrutiny for medical abuse and fraud.

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"It has always been a challenge to hire skilled, experienced professionals for accurate and timely coding and billing. ScribeEMR has tackled this issue very well. Their organized approach and willingness to put in concerted efforts have helped us streamline our A/R cycles, resulting in faster reimbursements. We are now managing our medical coding and billing workload much more effectively with the ability to complete everything within a week."
Pam Larkin
Excelsior Orthopaedic Group